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Building Your List With Offline Promotional Methods – Part 2

OK, so in the last post we talked about the importance of building your customer contact list. Vitally important! So in this post I am going to talk about a few ways you can build that list using offline promotional methods.

If you don’t yet have a webpage for your business, I highly recommend you get one as quickly as possible, and outfit it with an contact information capture form. Until then one of the quickest and easiest ways to capture customer information is to go the old fashioned route, and have a pad and pen set up at your check out counter. Let them know they can sign up for promotions and updates by writing down their contact info for you or leaving you their business card.

Alternatively you can set out a jar, and let customers know if they drop their business card inside it they will be eligible for a weekly or monthly drawing to win some sort of prize or sweepstakes. Or if the bulk of your customers aren’t likely to be other business owners with business cards, you can simply place a small pad and pencil, have them fill out their information on the paper, fold it up, and drop it into the jar.

The more contact info you can get from them obviously the better, but even if you only get an email address or a phone number that is still a possible point of contact that you can build upon.

Another great way to get their contact info, if you have that webpage set up like I suggested, is to add a note to the bottom of all sales receipts. Let them know that if they go to your website and enter their information, they will then be on your ‘Preferred’ list and receive special deals and discounts.

Now you need a webpage with an email capture form for that to work, but it really isn’t very difficult to get that set up, and for a bargain price as well. And once you have that webpage, all you need to do is get that URL in front of as many people as possible.

Some great ways to do this via the offline world, is through mediums such as brochures, newspaper ads, car magnets, flyers, etc. Just make sure you are offering something of value, send them to that URL to input their information,
and viola… you are now building a list of contacts.

To your success!

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