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Building Your List With Online Promotional Methods – Part 1

Last week we discussed the value of capturing contact information to your offline business, and then covered ways to promote it offline, to entice them to give UP that contact info.  Today we’re running along the same trail, but this time we’ll talk about easy ways you can promote your list building page using online methods.

This is assuming you already have your webpage set up and ready to capture visitor information with a great freebie.  Remember the idea is to get that URL in front of as many people as possible.  Obviously the more targeted the eyes, the more targeted your list will be as well, so always keep that in mind too.
Some great ways to promote your list online

Make it viral.  There are tons of free ‘tell-a-friend’ scripts available, as well as free ‘tweet-this-page’ scripts and other things along those lines.

You can also make sure you include the link in all email signatures, and feature your sign-up form on every page of your website, not just one.  Another thing to keep in mind is that while detailed contact info is great, sometimes it’s better to make them work for it as little as possible initially, and then you can always collect more details from them later in follow-up contact.

Other things you want to keep in mind is to make your offer easily visible, and even though you are giving away freebies in exchange for their info, make your offer as attractive and compelling as possible as well.

You can also use scarcity tactics, such as limited time offers, expiring discounts and things of that nature in order to encourage sign-ups and convince them to hand over their information to you.  People love to feel like they’re getting a killer deal, and hate feeling like they may miss out on something, so… scarcity works!

You can also promote your sign-up page via your signature file on forums, via online classified ads, and even Craigslist if you are creative with your ad to get around their TOS.  Social media is also an excellent way to spread the word on great offers, and drive traffic to your free offer.  Just be careful of spamming on sites like Facebook and Twitter as people will not thank you for it, and could end up hurting your business in the long run.

These are just to name a few promotional methods, there are others as well.  The idea is to get creative, and make sure whatever your offer is it provides real value in exchange for their personal information.  And remember that every subsequent time you ‘touch’ your prospects because of that contact list, that you continue to provide amazing value, as THAT is what your prospects will listen and respond to.

To your success!

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