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Contacts Are Everything In Business

Whether you’re an online business or an offline business, list building is the key to long-term success. Think of your list of contacts almost like a ‘profit on demand center’, especially if your list is fairly good-sized.

Most Internet marketers will tell you that a targeted contact list of roughly 10,000 people can realistically yield up to $2 a month per contact, simply by sending them regular offers for products and services. In dollars that can mean up to 20 grand in monthly revenue for you. With numbers like that, you’d be crazy to NOT be capturing contact information somehow.

Now those numbers are geared for Internet marketing. Most people don’t realize that a targeted contact list of prospects, or even better current paying customers can be worth just as much to a brick and mortar, if not MORE. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a list of email addresses or physical mailing addresses, the point is having that contact information at all, so that you can build valuable relationships and make them valuable offers that equal profits for you.

Offline businesses usually already have a good amount of foot traffic coming in and out of their business due to other advertising efforts. Plus, they have people on-site to handle customer enquiries, demonstrate products, and provide support. This is great, and means they can provide great service to their customers. But the bulk of offline businesses have absolutely no way of capturing the contact details of all that foot traffic. They don’t even make the attempt.

Sorry, but that is leaving serious money on the table. Suppose someone comes into your location and doesn’t buy anything that day, just browses. Then they leave, and you never see or hear from them again. If you catch their contact info before leaving however, you can keep in touch, and up your chances of them stepping foot in your door again exponentially.

Or, suppose they make a purchase But you don’t capture contact info, and so they’re only good for one sale. Once is good, but isn’t twice or more even better By getting contact information from them, you are getting permission to keep in touch, and update them on new products or services. And the more you ‘touch’ them with your messages, the better the relationship and the more likely they are to buy again. It’s really just crazy for a business NOT to be doing this. So get a lead capture system set up, right now, TODAY! Even if it’s just a simple piece of paper and a pen, and asking for their email address.

To your success!

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