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Converting Browsers To Buyers

Converting browsers into buyers is the goal of every business, whether you are an offline brick and mortar or you are an online retail store.  People are fickle, and most people aren’t interested in spending money on you unless they know you, like you, and trust you.  That’s why list building and capturing prospect contact information is so important, as we’ve discussed recently.

That being said, there are other ways you can establish trust and rapport, and convince people your products or services are worth trying.  Ad copy is very important when trying to achieve this.  If your ad copy sucks, then not only are you NOT converting browsers into buyers, you are actually LOSING money, because whoever you paid to write that crappy ad copy probably cost a mint.  That’s money wasted.

So, all of your ad copy must be excellent and compelling, and build rapport, whether it is online sales letters, email marketing materials, direct mail, radio or T.V. commercials, or simple postcards.  The copy has to connect with your prospect on an emotional level, and more than likely you will have to put that copy in front of them several times over before they willingly give you their money. (Remember that contact info!)

Another great way to convert browsers into buyers is to over-deliver in value.  On your website, this might mean giving away tons of relevant information for free, offering helpful and in-depth product reviews, and laying out product comparisons so that people can easily shop on your website and feel like they are getting a great deal. Offline you might offer two-for-one promotions on products, or buy two, get the third free.  Or buy this service and get 50% off of that service.  People can’t resist bargains, and even if they didn’t INTEND to spend money in your shop, the allure of getting twice the product at half the price is just too hard to refuse. Score! Browser… meet Buyer.

To your success!

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