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Marketing Your Website To Current Customers

As a brick and mortar business owner, you understand the Internet is important, and that it can be a great new avenue for marketing your business.  To that end, you’ve hired someone to create a website, and hopefully it’s a true direct response type of website, and not one of those useless, fancy flash ones that do nothing for your bottom line.  YOUR website should be a highly functional, lead generating machine, and if it isn’t, it really needs to be. (Contact us if you’d like us to help you with this process.)

But let’s assume now that it IS exactly the type of sales generating machine it’s supposed to be.  That means you are now ready to get creative and start promoting that website of yours, and put it to work.  Now of course there are ton’s of ways to do this, and some will be more effective than others.


You can add it to your promotional materials, such as brochures, business cards, and ad space you might purchase.  That is great and can be an option to bring in new clients and customers.  But an even MORE effective way to get people visiting your website is to let your current customers know about it.  We all know it’s much easier to sell to a current customer than converting a lead into a new one, so why wouldn’t you capitalize on that. Instead of your customer walking through your door, and then back out never to be seen again, why don’t you send them to your website, and then using the lead capture system we’ll talk about in a different post, capture their information and be able to follow up and market to them over and over again.  One of the easiest, and often most overlooked ways of doing this very thing, is to add your website URL to your sales receipts…

Something along the lines of “We appreciate your business. However, if you’d like to become a ‘VIP Preferred Customer’ and be one of the first to hear of specials we offer, please visit and sign up using your name and email address.  We’ll keep you posted and ‘in the know’ so you don’t miss a single deal!”

Viola.  Free advertising of your website, your customers feel special because they can sign up to be ‘VIP’, and you get their contact information so you can send them offers via email for as long as they stay in your ‘VIP Club’.  And no skin off your back either, outside of adding a bit of extra text to your sales receipts!

To your success!

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