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Targeted Ways To Promote Your Website

One of the age old problems webmasters face is how to promote their site, cheaply. And while PPC is a great, cheap way to promote your site to a highly targeted niche, the best ways to promote your site are actually free!

Whether you’ve got an information site, or niche site to promote, you’ll find that the following methods are some of the best ways to produce interested traffic that is itching to hand over their email addresses, or money for your products.

Article marketing

Article marketing can give you an amazing amount of traffic, but only if you use it right. You should make sure the content you’re submitting is easily understandable, and only covers one or two points, leading the people back to your site with your bio. Probably most importantly, you need to make sure that your article is interesting, compelling, and of course, informative.

Once you’ve submitted these articles to several article directories, you’ll probably see a marked rise in link backs, traffic and more.



Blogging is a free way to make sure that you’re reaching traffic in all regions of your niche – blogging has come up in stature from its days of being simply a place to ‘share’ with your freinds and is now a valid, and often well used promotional structure for a site – or even a basis for the site itself. Using WordPress especially can mean that you’ve got an easy to promote, amasingly simple to update site structure that allows you to build and maintain a site effortlessly.

As a traffic generation tool, its also a good way to create, maintain and direct traffic to your site – and is amazingly simple to use. You can blog about things relating to your site, and link back, or use articles, from article marketing.

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