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Why A Webmaster Should Not Be Designing Your Website!

OK, so the other day, I mentioned briefly that expensive, flashy, eye catching websites won’t do you any favors when it comes to your ROI.

Want to know a little secret?

The very LAST person that should have anything to do with your website is what has become known as a “webmaster”.

Contrary to popular belief, a “webmaster” is as far from a “master of the web” as anything could be. In fact, I have watched companies pour tens of thousands of dollars into “webmasters” company coffers only to end up with an absolutely beautiful website that produces ABSOLUTELY NO DOLLARS!!

Start off with this question (which NO webmaster will EVER ask) “What is the purpose of my website”?

If the purpose is to create revenue, bolster revenue, or produce any kind of client or customer activity whatsoever, then you want a DIRECT MARKETING expert developing your website with you, or correcting the beautiful billboard of a website on the totally untraveled goat path that you bought from that graphics arts company, or “webmaster”.

Sure, this statement angers a heck of a lot of people…but wait for it. You haven’t even heard what I have to say about medias like those yellow-covered business phone directories that are nothing more than a hole in the ground to pour money into with the lowest ROI of any publication anywhere in the business world. You KNOW which book I am talking about, and after thousands of clients, I am here to tell you it is money thrown away. Period.

Let’s talk about why that is. First of all, as I said before, flash doesn’t cut it with Google. So you won’t get any love from that party, and your rankings will suffer. That means less traffic to your website, and less potential revenue for you. Pretty crappy end game after you just shelled out 5 grand to the designer right.

Secondly, a webmaster most likely knows nothing about sales, marketing, and conversions. So the website they are building you, even if it isn’t flash based, will STILL do you no favors. They likely know nothing of what keeps a prospect engaged and reading on your site, know nothing about the value of content on your site, and know nothing about the end goals of your business.

So who should build your website then? Put simply, a direct marketing company, with experience building websites that convert, that can be tailored to your brick and mortar business. A direct marketing company understands marketing, understands branding, and understands the concept of giving your prospects value in exchange for their time, and converting them into clients and fans who refer their friends! They also understand things like SEO, rankings, and what can place your website at the top of the search engines.

They understand the mechanics of creating a sales funnel on your website, and capturing those all important leads, and can then direct you further in how to continue to market to those leads so that they stay happy and willing to give you money. A direct response marketer can look at your fancy website that you just shelled out thousands of dollars for, and in about 30 seconds or less tell you why it’s not working for you, and you’re not getting the results you expected from it.

So, if you are considering hiring some hotshot web designer you found through your friend, that is charging you an arm and a leg, I urge you to reconsider that tactic. Your website should be an investment, yes. But it should be an investment that provides a return, and your average, run of the mill webmaster will simply not understand that concept. And to any webmasters who DO understand direct marketing, I apologize if you are offended! I’m talking about those ‘other guys’.

Now, if you are in a negotiation for a website deal, give us a call. If I have the time, I will have someone look over your deal, check out the company you are dealing with, and give you a certified direct marketing consultant’s assessment of what you are getting in to.

Be prepared for me to provide a brutally honest assessment. I am not fond of beating around the bush. I AM a fan of being effective.

When you’re ready to take the next step and make your business more profitable, call me directly:

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